The Leatherman Squirt PS4 is a multi-tool designed to be a discreet and a small daily companion that can be used as a key ring or carried in the small pocket of your jeans.

The PS4 inherits the best thing of the Leatherman Micra: the spring loaded pliers and scissors. They also improved other aspects and offer a better selection of tools accessible from the outside, directly from the folded position (compare to the Micra, where you must open the pliers to access the blade, screwdriver, etc). This model also competes directly with the Gerber Dime, but on this size range, Leatherman has shown better craftmanship and quality than their direct competitor.

This addition to the Squirt line seems like it’s having a great success. I don’t think I’m the only one who owned the P4 and wasn’t looking forward to get a pair of scissors in the Squirt. A multitool of this size, designed for EDC (Every Day Carry), just could not do well without the scissors. In my opinion, this little guy would only need a pair of good tweezers to be perfect, although the pliers are so precise that they replace them in many occasions; taking out a splinter with them is an easy task.

The new Squirt PS4 brings a few new changes, especially in small aesthetic details and the material of the scales; they now go from being anodized aluminum type II to type III (called 6061-T6, a heat-treatable aluminum of aeronautical grade that apparently is harder and resistant). To tell you the truth, I can’t notice anything different except that it has a matte finish compared to the previous polished one. The rest of the parts are the same, very good although some with that little bit of slack that comes from the factory. I noticed it incorporates a spacer, apparently made out of nylon, on the side of the scissors, so it is not entirely metallic like the previous ones.

Be it as it may, this small multitool is here to stay in my key chain. Together with a small LED flashlight, it is all you can ask for.


  • Spring-loaded fine nose pliers with
  • Cable cutters
  • 420HC steel blade
  • Scissors operated with spring
  • Medium flat screwdriver with
  • Bottle opener
  • Phillips screwdriver / small plane
  • Wood and metal saw
  • File with
  • Large flat screwdriver
  • Key ring

Materials and measures

  • Stainless steel
  • Anodized aluminum handles
  • 5.72cm closed
  • 56.4g weight
  • 4.06cm blade


  • Balanced tool selection
  • Warranty 25 years
  • Easy to carry
  • Looks great


  • The aluminum scales get easily scratched when used as a key chain
  • They are using rivets instead of screws in the joints