A multitool in your pocket can get you out of trouble in the least expected situation. There is no need to carry a full-sized multitool all the time when there are currently great compact and afforable options available. What really matters is that your multitool is capable of performing the most common tasks and is there when you need it.

Whether if it’s at the trail, the office or on vacation, you will need a knife, a pair of pliers or a simple bottle opener at some point. Remember that emergencies can’t always be predicted and a pocket multitool can be indispensable in those moments life throws at you.

Below you will find our top 5 picks for compact multitools to help you choose what fits your needs.

Leatherman Micra

Leatherman Micra MultitoolLeatherman doesn’t disappoint in the multitool arena and that’s why it’s leading the market these days. In the case of the Leatherman Micra, it brings unbeatable value for the money and a highly recommended option for anyone looking for a multitool knife.

It looks like a lighter, barely weighs 50gr and measures 6.5cm when closed. It comes with 10 different tools, such as a screwdriver, knife, ruler, scissors, tweezers and bottle openers, among others.

You can load it as if it were a modern keychain but when you open it will get you out of trouble on many occasions. It combines resistance and the guaranteed quality of Leatherman tools.

Victorinox MiniChamp

Victorinox Minichamp KnifeA classic Victorinox fulfills almost all the expectations when it comes to design and quality of knives. With the MiniChamp model, when it comes to pocket tools, Victorinox proves once again that it’s well positioned at a higher quality level compared to its competitors.

The Minichamp only weighs 36 grams and measures 5.8 cm, making it the smallest and lightest of this selection. It’s equipped with 15 tools made of high quality steel, sharp edges and corrosion resistant finish. It is a beautiful accessory that is worth having in your Everday Carry.

Leatherman Juice XE6

Leatherman Juice MultitoolThe Juice is a robust multitool with the best features of the famous Leatherman brand, but with the advantage that it can be carried in your pocket.

The Juice XE6 model is equipped with 18 different tools. It only weighs 200 grams and measures 8.2 cm when closed. With it you will get a set of versatile and highly resistant utensils.

The pliers with wirecutters are definitely a plus if you consider the size of this model. They are very sturdy and come in handy in many ways.

SOG Baton Q4

Sog Baton MultitoolIf you are looking for innovation, the Baton Q4 is designed for you. Despite of measuring 14.7cm when closed, it’s one of the models that offers the most interesting features.

It’s composed of 10 tools and weighs 172 grams (ene of the heaviest we reviewed for this article). When the tool is closed, it looks like a thick stick, but in it you can get a sharp knife, a pair of pliers, screwdrivers among other utensils.

The main advantage of the Baton is the amazing set of screwdriver tips that can easily be changed and used without opening the tool. With this feature, the Baton easily beats the competition when it comes to the screwdriver area.

It has no comparison in the market. You can carry it without any issues in your pants pocket and use it quickly when needed.

Gerber Dime

Gerber Dime MultitoolFrom all the 5 everyday-carry multitools we reviewed, the Gerber Dime comes with the best price. However, a low cost does not mean it’s bad. Quite the contrary, the Dime comes equipped with 12 versatile utensils so you don’t need another tool.

It only weighs 59 grams and measures 14cm when closed, not larger than many bottle opener keychains we’ve seen. We have a more detailed article dedicated to this controversial mini multitool but it might be worth mentioning one negative aspect of the Gerber Dime: The tools are hard to open compared to the rest; on the positive side, however, you get pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, tweezers and an excellent bottle opener, among other implements, all for a very low price.

The Gerber Dime is a great tool for starters. If you want a multitool but don’t want to spend a lot of money, give the Gerber Dime a try. You won’t be disappointed. Read more about the Gerber Dime.