The Alox grip series knives are one of the most robust pocket knives offered by Victorinox. This model directly inherits the features of the Swiss Army soldier knife that made this brand so famous. This particular Victorinox line of knives is a little more bulky, heavy and strong than the well-known “red” Swiss Army series. The number of tools is somewhat more limited because they usually don’t have more than three layers of implements.

The 93mm long Alox knives are very strong for their size. Riveted directly on the aluminum handles, they form a solid, compact block of metal where the blade and tools are usually thicker and stronger than those of their 91mm siblings. They don’t apply the cost reductions that are made in the 84mm and 91mm range, so the blades and springs fill the gaps of the knife.

Victorinox Alox Farmer
Victorinox Alox Farmer
Victorinox Spartan with plastic scales
Victorinox Spartan with plastic scales

The blade in the Alox is thicker than in the Spartan. It fills the layer from side to side, it has the same thickness as the spring that supports it, and the springs are so wide that they give the razor its characteristic smooth back, having no tools on the spine. In the “red” Spartan and other “red” models, however, the blade has become more narrow and is less thick than the internal spring that supports it, so that it does not reach the upper lining, leaving an empty space.

The narrowing of the blade is a recent change in Victorinox’s 84mm and 91mm lines. This does not affect its quality, to put it simply, if the normal Victorinox are already durable, the Alox are even stronger.

These particular features of the Alox knife make it feel solid and heavier in the hand; with tools that snap by their powerful springs and make them very popular for the field and demanding tasks, the Alox still keeps the discreet and harmless appearance of the Swiss Army knife, making it always suitable for urban use.

One of the most popular models in the Alox line is the Alox Farmer, a perfect pocket knife for the casual camper and hard enough for the brave adventurer.


  1. Blade
  2. Wood saw
  3. Punch
  4. Can opener with
  5. small flat screwdriver
  6. Phillips screwdriver
  7. Bottle opener with
  8. large flat screwdriver
  9. wire strippers
  10. Ring

I can only say good things of this particular Swiss Army knife. Manufactured with the precision and quality that has made Victorinox so famous, all at an unbeatable price. Nobody gives more for so little. Highly recommended.


  • Price
  • Very robust
  • Great quality


  • None